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Louis V. Aronson founded The Art Metal Works in 1886 fabricating decorative products such as figurines, table lamps and various home related items. Aronson was a gifted man who patented a commercially valuable metal-plating process he developed at 24 years old, retaining the right to use, Arson sold the technology and followed his passion in finding The Art Metal Works.

Aronson then invented and patented the World's first Liter (lighter) called the Wonder-Lite in 1913 and introduced the Banjo lighter series in 1926 as the first automatic operated lighter. It was initially an automatic lighter that helped the chore of lighting smoking cigarettes and pipes with an easier system. The Banjo lighter was able to fire up and produce a fire in one slick action. Known as the "press it lights, release its out" system. The product turned a huge success for Ronson and since, Ronson lighters are recognised for its avant-garde and stylish design.

Aronson dropped the "R" and formed Ronson Limited in 1920 following the success of the invention of the World' FIRST lighter. The company put into use the new lighting technique to its advantage and integrated the technology into a diversified product range including lighting fixtures and statues and table lighters.

The principles of our patented design remained as a blueprint for all mordern lighters we see today. The "One-Motion" ignition first introduced in 1926 on the Banjo remained as a base for all ignition we now see on all igniting equipment.

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inventing the banjo;
– a revolution in ignition

When introduced in 1926, the Ronson Banjo "ignited" the World with the automatic with one slick strike to produce fire system - "Press it lights, Release its out". A design so revolutionary and timeless that all mordern lighters we now see are based on this system.

Over the years, Ronson has come to represent the very pinnacle of celebrated British Design in lighters. Our patented design and enduring quality have been combined with world-class designers and luxury brands to create our celebrated Objects of Design editions – including partnerships with Wedgewood, Andrew Reed and Karim Rashid, to name a few.

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Ronson, as the inventor of the modern lighter, has a long and distinguished heritage. As a global leader, uncompromising and visionary, with a passion for excellence that assures its on-going pre-eminence in the world of ignition. Dedicated to creating innovative and desirable products of the highest quality and standards, Ronson is at the forefront of style and safety – trusted around the world and leading in its industry in all respects. The Ronson brand represents luxury and prestige and provides an unsurpassed experience to consumers worldwide.

The Ronson Mission is “to maintain and strengthen its iconic position, inspired by its heritage, a rich history and a firm focus on the future, with its consumers always at the heart of its thinking”.

the ronson vision is to be "creates stylish products for simple living"