counterfeit and unauthorised sale of ronson products

Frequently Asked Questions

say “no” to knockoffs, counterfeits and unauthorised sales.

As a Ronson customer you can be sure that everything you purchase from us is authentic and safety tested. We don’t do “inspired by” or “just as good as” or “in the spirit of”. There’s simply no room in this world for knockoffs and counterfeits. They’re wrong, they steal from others and compromise consumer and worker safety and health alike. We’re leading the charge in battling this worldwide problem. Here is why. Please join us.

Q. Why is it important to buy from Authorised Retailers?

A. RONSON products are made to rigorous standards of design and manufacture. Fake and counterfeit products pose a substantial safety risk to your child and to yourself. Unauthorised retailers may also sell quality reject products which have been illegally put into the stream of commerce as well as smuggled merchandise.

RONSON does not extend any after sales support and repair service to counterfeit and unauthorised products. All warranty coverage of our products will be void and ineffective if you buy such merchandise.

Q. What do I do if a website looks legitimate and sells RONSON products. How do I know if it is real?

A. Most sale of unauthorised or counterfeit product happens online via the internet. A great number of these illegal sites operate on marketplaces like T-Mall and Amazon. These sites often mirror the look and feel of the official RONSON website, or create the impression that they are authorised by or associated with RONSON, when in fact their products are fake.


If one or more of the following points may be true about a website does NOT necessarily mean that it is an authorised retailer:

  • The website’s domain name contains the word RONSON
  • The website appears in a search engine result
  • The website links to or a RONSON country site
  • The website has the look and feel of the RONSON brand
  • The website uses RONSON photographs or product images
  • The website claims to be an “official” RONSON site
  • The website claims to offer RONSON products at a discount

We cannot list all unauthorised websites selling counterfeit RONSON merchandise, thus take care when purchasing your RONSON products.

Q. I found RONSON products for sale on an auction website. Are they authentic?

A. Auction websites do not generally guarantee the authenticity of the products sold on their sites. For this reason, there may be counterfeit goods available through auction sites, despite language from the seller that the item is genuine or authentic. While we regularly monitor auction sites to locate and take down infringing product listings, counterfeiters continue to post listings for fake products, and we cannot assure that any given listing for a RONSON product is genuine nor do we authenticate merchandise that is purchased from an auction site. You must check our website for the authorised retailers list to confirm these retailers as authrorised retailers but generally RONSON does not sell on auction sites or trade boards.

Q. I found used RONSON products for sale in a local market, garage sale, yard sale, flea market, thrift store, consignment store, or similar seller of USED products. How do I verify if the product is authentic?

A. Resale of used products by unauthorised resellers may be illegal.

The reason for limiting and qualifying the resale of such products is to make sure consumers are not exposed to potential risks of injury or death as a result of use of a product that is not in compliance with relevant standards.

RONSON strictly advises against purchase or use of products that are bought as USED from unauthorised resellers. If you would like to purchase a used RONSON product please contact us to verify its authenticity. RONSON requires basic information to be provided in order to authenticate its products. These include the unique identification number of the product which is affixed to each individual RONSON product.


Q. Where can I find genuine RONSON products?

A. Authentic RONSON products are available on and through our RONSON Authorised Dealers.

If you buy an alleged RONSON product through an unauthorised retailer, you could be purchasing a counterfeit. Buying genuine RONSON products from unauthorised retailers will also void the RONSON warranty, including any statutory warranty available.

Q. Why should I care about counterfeiting?

A. Counterfeiting is illegal. Unauthorised sale of products is illegal. Counterfeit merchandise is unsafe for your baby and for yourself.

Unauthorised retailers may be selling you counterfeit or reject products. Either way, you will be deprived of the assured high quality standards that are at the core of the RONSON brand. Counterfeiters unfairly profit at the expense of legitimate businesses, harm the economy through lost revenues, jobs and taxes, and hurt consumers who are scammed financially and compromise their safety.

Counterfeit products do not undergo RONSON’s rigorous testing procedures nor do they meet the global statutory requirements. In addition, counterfeiters do not adhere to labour safety, health, or wage regulations, such as anti-sweatshop and child labour laws. Counterfeiters have also been linked to identity theft and organised crime. Consequently, when you purchase a counterfeit product, not only will you receive a poor quality product, compromise the safety of your loved ones and of yourself and void any warranty you may be protected by, but you also end up unwittingly supporting illegal activity.

Q. What should I do if accidentally purchased counterfeit goods and want to report the website?

A. You can report the site to RONSON at You can also contact your local trade regulating authority or consumer protection bureau.

In the UK, you can contact the Trading Standards Office, and in the USA you can contact The National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center and/or your local authority regarding the sale of counterfeits.

Please provide as much information as possible from the location of the seller to the description of the product.

Q. What is RONSON doing to combat counterfeiting?

A. The manufacture of our products is strictly managed to our internal controls. We operate a controlled system of unique numbering of our products. The products all carry an authentication process for each item. Otherwise we have a surveillance and monitoring programme to identify, enforce and combat the unauthorised production and sale of our merchandise.

We also participate in numerous enforcement efforts throughout the world, including cooperation with customs authorities and law enforcement agencies to stop the shipment of counterfeit goods, criminal and civil legal actions against counterfeiters, and the takedown of counterfeit websites, fraudulent online auction listings, and unauthorised sponsored links and unauthorised retailing.