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We constantly invent, improve and innovate.

No one in the world has done more to refine and redefine the experience of stylish products than the engineers and designers at Ronson. Every Ronson product is designed to be be the most stylish, safe and durable in its class. A lot has changed since our first lighter designed by our founder but our fundamental commitment to making the world’s best stroller still remains.

Today, Ronson employs a global development team dedicated to creating innovative and desirable products of the highest quality and standards. They are drawn from a broad spectrum of disciplines, from mechanical engineering to fashion design. Each one is an expert in their field, but working together they ensure Ronson products outperform all others and are built to last.

ronson safety

For over 50 years we have been uncompromising in our standards of safety, making us the benchmark for our industry. Our standards have informed and created many national standards. While most companies build their products for cost-cutting to regional safety requirements, Ronson believes that all our customers deserve the best and safest products wherever they live in the world.

Our Safety Standards construction assures cusotmers around the globe that the products they purchased in the UK has the same great safety features as the ones in all regions and in all countries where they are sold.

Our products are uncompromising in their engineering, materials and construction, subjecting them to globalsafety they are never likely to encounter. Every Ronson must pass a series of exacting trials designed to ensure our products excel in any real-world condition. Every Ronson is individually inspected and we back our products with warranty around – built upon the expectation that when you purchase a Ronson, you receive a guarantee of excellence engineered to withstand by a global network of service centres.

we believe customers deserve the best and safest products wherever they are in the world.

tested to extremes

we remain dedicated to creating products that represent luxury and stand for safety, quality, innovation, and style